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Y U NO MAKE TRI FOR THE PS3???!?!??! Alas it is not. Great animation, my love for the game may make me biased slightly, but still great animation. The only problem i had was the audio... it seemed mildly distorted but that could just be me. You caught the quest perfectly man i remember being like YEAH I GOT THE EGG then bam lol jk take a bullfango. hate those things, but thanks for this.

Nice man

Been watching your animations since the beginning and this is a new change. Not the usual sexual odd things but jsut a nice animation with some funniness.

SHort and cute

Very nice for a begginer i think you have a future in animation if you keep up the work i really like the characters and there detail, but the backgrounds could use more detail. All in all good animation.

Fureimes responds:

thnx for the review, will keep in mind,

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me-this game is pretty serious for a flash game
Marine-PEW PEW!!!
me-nm lol

Great game love graphics story and way you play

Great game and i love art

Overall one of the best on the site and for those wondering secret medal is extinction and it is too kill at least five birds with one bomb

Very fun yet annoying at times

This is by far the best music game on newgrounds but the so called "fun" songs have the radically changing beats that make it ridiculous to hit notes and some of the backgrounds hid the notes and no im not talking about the memory parts i know about that

TaroNuke responds:


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um did you still this from somone?

unless you are Familyjules7x from youtube you stole the guitar...... >.>

TheJonnyDeath responds:

....alright, you got me. I didn't want people to know this, but back in 2010, I successfully developed a time machine. I then advanced one year into the future, somehow seperated the guitar tracks from some guys youtube video, stored the data on an SD card, went BACK one year, then drummed and played keyboards and bass to that guitar track.

Although completely capable, I was just feeling really lazy that day and didn't want to lay down my own guitar tracks. Ya know?

Plus time travel is fun.

TL;DR: I'm afriad not, my son. Perhaps you should take a look at the submission dates.

Very confusing

The beat and sounds had my brain and ears confused as to what to listen for but it is a very nice touch i really like this and to categorize i would say abstract to say the least but still i love it


There were a few problems like there was no real climax in the piece like there should be in any instrumental piece it was just kinda mellow and soft throughout and oyu don't want that. what you want is ist to be mellow and quiet and then wither gradually or suddenly become more massive and loud but good work

Naerbu responds:

Thanks KrobbleGoo,

I'll be sure to keep that in mind :)

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