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Entry #4


2010-04-11 13:20:45 by KrobbleGoo

I put up some audio you cant see it yet because they are still checking it out but it should be up shortly!!!


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2010-04-11 13:52:33

Just a heads up, because of the approval list being really backed up it is very likely that your audio (as well as everyone elses) won´t be reviewed by a mod for months. I´m guessing at a 2-3 month minimum based on what I´ve read in the forums, unless they come up with a quick fix that speeds up the process. Don´t expect one to be made though, expect the 2-3 month minimum in order to avoid the sadface/angryfaic as much as you can.

KrobbleGoo responds:

Oh.... Thankyou for the input i hope they can fix the problem and that my audio piece is reviewed, but ill wait patiently until it is.


2010-12-29 00:02:03

alright cant wait